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Welcome to Marilyn Rucker's home page.  You can sign up to receive email updates on her gigs, cd's and novels,  and other juicy and important news.  There are also song samples, novel samples and hilarious music videos.  And you can also book Marilyn (or one of her bands: The Hootchcakes or The Studebakers) to play at your birthday party, wedding, or scavenger hunt.   And of course, you can buy c.d.'s, MP3's or books.

Upcoming Events

Marilyn Rucker and Recovering Space Pirates at the New World Deli

 —  —

New World Deli, 4101 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78751, Austin, Texas


Avast! Grab your lasers, phasers and sonic screwdrivers and experience the weird and wonderful sounds of Marilyn and friends playing strange, jazz inflected pop tunes about the beginning of the world, the end of the world, and other vagaries of space/time. An early gig on a Thursday night with Marilyn and the Garys! Hey, you wanted a Reuben anyway!
Plus, there's beer! And monkeys! (Maybe)


The Hootchcakes

 —  —

Boat House Grill, 812 Ranch Road 620 North, Austin, Texas 78730


Come on down and join The Hootchcakes! We're a party band that adds a bit of hootch (fun) to every tune! Actually we add a lot of that! Big fun to be had by all at this early gig near the lake! Great food to be had here too!

No cover Age limit: All ages

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Juicy News and Revelations

New, Old, Strange, Wonderful, Ongoing and Ubiquitous.... 

Lots of new things in this lovely new year!  First of all, let me introduce The Hootchcakes to you.  Check out the page on our site which describes what this new and exciting mix of music and fun can do for your next party!  Latin jazz!  Speakeasy jazz!  Texas Swing!  Sax and Violins!  We have it all!   Take a listen to the sample tunes and let us know what you think!

The Studebakers are still going strong and having tons of fun playing some new tunes, and fun arrangements of some surprising "Spike Jones" type tunes (that means funny for you young whippersnappers out there who don't know who Spike Jones is.  Think Jimmy Fallon writing parodies of classical and jazz favorites.  We'll be at Strange Brew and New World Deli, and if you like, playing at your private party sometime in the future.

And I, Marilyn, continue to write weird little songs and stories, huddling in a corner and muttering to myself until someone slips me cookies or turns on the latest episode of Doctor Who.  So it's all normal around here.   

Plus I'm also still performing these strange little tunes wherever they tolerate such things.  Sign up on the email list to be informed when and where I or any of the bands are playing.  New albums are being concocted even as you read these words! 

Drop us a line if you have questions about us!  



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