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Welcome to Marilyn Rucker's home page.  You can sign up to receive email updates on gigs, the newly escaped c.d.,   Interstellar Pirate Queen, the absurd mystery novel, Sax and the Suburb,  and other juicy and important news.  There are also song samples, novel samples and hilarious music videos.  And you can also book Marilyn to play at your birthday party, wedding, or scavenger hunt.   And of course, you can buy c.d.'s, MP3's or books.

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Juicy News and Revelations

Holiday Fun! 

It's already turning into a busy holiday party season!  Remember, you can book Marilyn as a solo act, as a duo with Gary Feist on bass or with the wonderful Studebakers if you like that Andrews/Boswell/Chenille Sisters sound.  If you want a bigger party band, also consider hiring the new group Hootchcakes for your next fete.  More about them soon, they're new, but they promise to have sax and violins!  (And many different genres including swing, rock, funk, Latin and Texas swing).   Big fun on the horizon for 2015, folks!


Gearing Up For Fall in Austin 

Neti pots at the ready?  Great!  Time for another allergen filled fall in beautiful Austin!  When you've gotten your various seasonal allergies under control, you might want to check out some of these nice (indoor!) gigs listed above.

The Studebakers new c.d. "So in Love (with the Studebakers)" is soon to be released.  If you were in an Indiegogo backer, let us know if you'd like to pick up your c.d. at one of The Studebakers shows or have it mailed/delivered to you!  

And if you weren't a backer but are ready to be up front about getting the new c.d., great!  We have plenty for all!  


Sax and the Suburb won a Book Readers' Appreciation Group (B.R.A.G.) award for excellence! 

Sax and the Suburb, which is now up on Amazon in kindle form and on the Barnes and Noble site on Nook, just won an award from the good people at B.R.A.G. They tell me this means that their readers and editors unanimously approved it as a good read! Woohoo! If you haven't read it yet, it's a mystery novel involving a community band, with a saxophonist sleuth named Miranda trying to solve who's trying to kill her fellow bandmembers! There's some snicker worthy moments, I guarantee it.

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